Barrie is a new quintet currently working and residing in Brooklyn, but amassed there from far-flung corners of the world. With their members arriving from Baltimore, Boston, São Paulo, London, and Upstate New York, they all met through music in the storied Borough (although they had to take to Tinder to find their Brazilian bassist Sabine, who fortunately swiped right on the idea), and are now releasing music that finds them converging on a dreamy realm somewhere in the midst of their diverse backgrounds.

Debut single 'Canyons' displayed a band already fully-formed, with luscious production and smoothly interlocking dynamics. This is doubled down on for second single 'Tal Uno', which takes us to an even more gentle space, with Beach House-like keys hovering beneath the spectral vocal. The song's inquisitive core of "don't you think that you can do better?" floats like a thought bubble, never challenging, just something to admire and muse upon as you're surrounded by the billowing and pillowy soundscapes that Barrie has magically tailored in 'Tal Uno'. Check it out below.

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