If I was to give you three guesses as to who you thought was the biggest band in the world right now, I think most people would be surprised to hear Mumford & Sons but as we head towards the weekend their sophomore album, Babel looks set to break some pretty impressive records while topping both UK and US album charts.

The quartet are about to sell over 600,000 copies of their new record in the US alone, that’s some 200,000 copies more than… *whispers* Justin Beiber's album released earlier this year. The record will also become, somewhat tenuously, the biggest selling rock album in America of all time surpassing AC/DC’s 2008 album Black Ice.

With around 400,000 of the albums total sales this week expected to be digital it places Babel as the second most downloaded album of all time behind Lady Gaga’s Born This Way.

Projections for the records UK sales have it at around 100,000 copies which is far more than the Green Day and No Doubt albums which were released this week as well. Tickets for band's UK arena tour will no doubt sell out when they go on sale tomorrow morning so say what you like about Mumford & Sons but they are quite literally laughing all the way to bank.