At the end of July, The 405 got its first-hand experience with emerging Los Angeles trio MUNA with the retro-fitted pop callback of 'Promise', the second in a string of solo singles from the group. Now, with a pair of tour dates in the near future, the band returns with the positively jubilant 'Loudspeaker'.

Much like its lead-in track, 'Loudspeaker' features unflinching pop, coaxed in filtered echoes and an impossibly joyous chorus. On the track, the band notes; "It can be really difficult to choose your own comfort over the comfort of others, specifically if you are taught by society to do the opposite. We hope people will hear it and gain a little bit of courage to articulate their own battles and grievances, all the while knowing that they don't have to take the blame for everything they've been through. Oh, and also it's cool when girls are loud."

Listen to 'Loudspeaker' below and check out the band's upcoming Los Angeles performances at Fine Time on September 24th and The Spare Room October 1st.