It makes sense that Columbus, Ohio outfit Mungbean has a new song called ‘Changes.’ What started out as a two-piece between Emma Sywsgood and Sean Gleeson has morphed into a five-piece, complete with guitars, drums, bass, and keys/synth. The new singles, ‘House’ and ‘Changes’, were written in what Gleeson describes as a “transitional period.” According to Swysgood, the formation of these songs were pivotal in sustaining the band during said transition: “For a while we weren’t sure that this project was going to last – these songs are kind of what held us together.”

‘House’ reflects on the nature of having a place to call your own. Swysgood’s longing but versatile vocals open with the poetic line of “To build a house is not to have a home.” She offers dynamic imagery with “I will make a window out of you.” Then, Changes’, with more of an R&B vibe, shows the power of the group at work. As Swysgood considers who she is and her relationship with herself (through multi-tracked vocals bouncing off each other), the arrangement is relaxed but never callous. The hazy percussion and sharp guitar further her existential crisis. As you listen to these songs, you can feel the power of the collective whole in helping lift Swysgood up.

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