You're probably onto something big when you can get Denai Moore, Nao, and Jay Prince on your debut EP, and that's exactly what 18-year-old Channel Islander Alex Crossan, or Mura Masa, has done. That EP is titled Someday Somewhere and can be streamed in full below.

He put an incredible amount of thought and work into his first release, as there was quite a bit of pressure on him from the beginning - in the first three months after he got signed, he sold out his debut show, was played over 30 times on Radio 1, and was in the Top 5 on the US/UK iTunes Electronic charts. In a press release, he said “Someday Somewhere isn’t about putting together the best tracks from a pool of ideas, it’s about creating a story that showcases my sound. And hopefully proof that Soundcloud kids like me can produce real, thought-provoking songs.”

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