Here is Japanese producer mus.hiba with 'Moonlight', our Track of the Day. Easily. Within, the musicmaker paints an image of the silvery light of the moon spilling onto freshly fallen midnight snow, the frozen brittleness of winter highlighted with electronic crunches like boots through thick snow, the resounding piano the gentle atmosphere of wintry nights – white noise like breezes or far off cars slushing on wet roads.

Simple but seemingly frostbitten percussion counts time as the track enters into its gradual crescendo, synth chords rising up from nowhere with lightning resonance, where percussion stomps and clacks and bloops arpeggiate into the mix, a frigid blizzard birthing itself unto the world.

The vocals that you're hearing, phatomatic throughout the track, are vocals of virtual singer Yufu Sekka, one of the many characters available on voice bank/database, UTAU. 'Moonlight' comes from mus.hiba's upcoming album, White Girl, a kind of concept album that explores the fragility of using a two-dimensional, virtual singer on his tracks, the fleeting temporariness of our digital age. It's out 12th December, by which time it should be proper wintry, on Noble Label, where you can buy it..

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