Could you imagine a world without sound? Think of how dull and utterly depressing our surrounding would be. Without birds chirping, people chattering and cars revving upon starting the engine, our lives would be sorrowful and soulless. Even the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche known for his skepticism and critical thinking once said, "Without music, life would be a mistake."

Likewise, music's cousin entertainment has one of the essential roles in our daily lives. Is there anything better than unwinding after a hard day of diligent work? Not if you ask us. Thanks to an abundance of technological advancements made in the past couple of decades, we, as a species, can proudly say that we have exceeded our own expectations and abilities.

Pushing Melodic Boundaries

Entertainment, as a loving cousin it is, paired up with technology has decided to raise music's spirits even further and help it touch upon new heights. A plethora of apps are available in the stores and allow us to express ourselves artistically and even compete against each other in music-themed video games. A well-known brand "Musically" has come up with a playful, resounding title Artistory to represent the new concept that links creating, enjoying and playing music into one single mobile app.

One of its particularly compelling features is the “fantasy gaming for music”, which interlinks fantasy sports with music in such way that enables fans create their own record labels, discover new music, and compete against friends for prizes.

In a broader gaming view, the leading companies in one of the most prolific entertainment industries right now such as NetEnt have taken the best of both worlds and blended music with what they specialise in – video slots. The Stockholm-headquartered firm has manufactured over a dozen branded musical and non-musical titles to date, including the likes of hardcore rock bands and musician such as Guns 'N' Roses, Jimi Hendrix and Motörhead. While they continue to develop new blockbuster games, the overwhelming list of slot games of various music genres continues to grow.

Success Is Contagious

Many an industry has followed a similar example and now hybridises two or more seemingly dissimilar branches.

Companies nowadays mix and match based on trial and error, and experiment on diverse player profiles in order to test the waters. Another Swedish innovator, Star Sable Entertainment shook up the gaming world in 2012 when they launched their multiplayer game Star Sable whose targeting audience were not males, but quite the contrary.

Girls have been sword fighting their way to the gaming circles and are now proper princesses of the kingdom. Star Sable noted the devotion and strong will of the female audience and designed a game that matched girls' needs. The Star Sable game features a committed horse riding female warrior whose life story is akin a fairytale with a twist. The reason – among many – game has gained significant acknowledgement from the industry and beyond was its particularly stunning soundtrack.

The Norse firm took the hint and expanded its outreach to the music industry. They quite literally launched their own music label, called Star Sable Music. Having connections here and there, they got in touch with Apple Music and Spotify, which made the catchy score available on their platforms.

Wherever you turn, there is some kind of melody surrounding you, even when you do not notice it. Music makes our existence meaningful and pleasant, and bolsters what is already fun as it is. Industrial behemoths are there to take all that we love and stir it in a pot, creating a healthy, delicious meal for us to feed our souls.