UK Music, an umbrella organisation made up of a number of musical entities including MPA (Music Publishers Association), AIM (Association for Independent Music), PRS for Music, and many more, have today published Measuring Music 2015, a report detailing the contribution of the music industry to the UK economy.

The report states that this contribution was measured at a staggering £4.1 billion in 2014, an increase on £3.8 billion in 2013. Of this, music exports alone contributed over half at £2.1 billion, well over the economy-wide average of 30%.

But it's not just money: the music industry provides over 117,000 jobs, with the majority of those actually involved in the industry's creative heart - lyricists, musicians, those involved in the recording process. Last year, however, it was revealed that over 93% of these positions are held by white people.

The report also highlights certain artists and bands that contribute to the international renown of the the UK's music industry: Ed Sheeran, One Direction, Pink Floyd, Sam Smith; what about Adele? Surely she's about to smash some records. FKA Twigs is included in the report as a "case study."

"Now in its third year, Measuring Music helps show the true weight of our commercial music sector and the scale of its global reach and impact," say Jo Dipple, UK Music Chief Executive, "It also helps us articulate just how culturally important the British music industry and the 117,000 people it employs are to our nation. UK Music will continue to work with Government for the best possible future for every part of our varied and stunningly diverse industry."

You can read the whole .pdf of the report here.