One third of Pac DIV, Grammy nominated producer, artist, and DJ LIKE has spent recent years producing for the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Anderson .Paak and Curren$y. At the end of September, this talented Los Angeles dweller is releasing his album Songs Made While High via longstanding Berlin/Cologne outfit Jakarta Records.

In LIKE's words, "It takes me a long time to create. Especially when I thrive on inspiration. I need the experiences of life to help push me artistically. The reason I titled this album Songs Made While High wasn't because I'm a pseudo-druggy (I only smoke weed and occasionally take shrooms). As cliche as it may sound, music gets me high…" To give us another indicator of what to expect, LIKE has unveiled Songs Made While High's cut 'Vice' to give us a taste. Mixing psychedelic textures and twinkling keys with a classic head-nod groove, LIKE uses Vice's beat as a backing bed to expand upon his own understanding of vice as a metaphor within music and life.

You can pre-order Songs Made While High through the Jakarta Records bandcamp page here.