Neil Young has shared a massive statement on Facebook today, saying how much he'd like to expand Pono but needs an experienced CEO in order to do so. Does anyone care enough to put themselves up for the position?

His Facebook post is a cavalcade of exhaustive rhetoric and melodrama for the most part. In usual Neil Young fashion, the main points of his mission statement, as it were, are: sound quality is terrible these days; Pono is good sound quality. And that's it. Oh and also Pono needs money and a CEO.

The general consensus of the comments is that good music is good music, regardless of sound quality. I couldn't agree more. With Neil Young coming up with lines like, "The twenty first century world would be a better place if music sounded as good as it could," whilst also boasting about his company's partnerships with major record labels, suggests a lack of understanding at what is wrong with this "twenty first century world" – and it isn't sound quality. All Pono has going for it is Neil Young's name and he is doing a good job of tarnishing that himself. How out of touch can a person be? Sound quality?

And all of this about how Pono is love and music is love and music is also Pono, all this comes from a man who has taken almost all his music off streaming services, basically punishing his fans for not caring about the sound quality of his music. "Streaming sucks," said Neil, and all of his music vanished. What a hypocrite.

Read it below.

Pono is a labor of love. Not just for me, for everyone in and around our small company, producing Ponomusic players and...

Posted by Neil Young on Wednesday, 19 August 2015