It looks like the UK music video world is taking a cue from the film industry with this one. Music videos that were made in the UK will now be subjected to getting an age rating, similar to those used for movies. The new program will apply to artists signed to Sony Music, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music - basically, major labels. They're currently working on launching it for independent labels as well, as The Guardian notes.

The British Board of Film Classification has been working with both YouTube and Vevo to implement it, and they say that over 130 videos have received a rating so far - 56 classified as a 12 and 53 rated as 15, with only one, Dizzee Rascal's 'Couple of Stacks' video, being the only one to receive an 18 rating. To be classified, labels will have to submit their music videos to the BBFC ahead of its release. Naturally, YouTube is attempting to work with the new system to tie it in with their existing "restricted mode" videos, and Vevo are looking at doing something similar.