"Art requires patience" says musical duo The Code and usually I'd agree. But the wait for their latest mixtape Blue Electronica has been excruciating. Their debut 1/11 was definitely one of my favourite tapes of 2014 and I've been patiently awaiting Blue Electronica since the release of 'Electronica' all the way back in July. Wait over, The Code are set to formally release Blue Electronica on March 21, however they're streaming the mixtape in full on SoundCloud. It includes previous releases 'Sedative', 'Azure' and 'F**K' and much like 1/11 feels more like an album than a mixtape. Still forward thinking and still experimental in its approach, the vocals play a bigger part in the compositions that ever before for a fully evolved musical experience.

"Blue Electronica means everything to us," The Code told Pigeons & Planes. "It's a creative project using a balanced mixture of various genres, which tackle perspective on sound. It's the next phase in our production and sound as we grow. As much as the first mixtape, it is very important and it's a major step in the journey. To us, and to many, blue is the colour of the sky at its clearest and the sea at its purest. Blue Electronica is deep in the spectrum of music, having its own field from minimal to trance, the drugs, the lights, the sex and the serenity."

Stream the full mixtape now via SoundCloud. Blue Electronica is available to pre-order now on iTunes.