Over 100 artists have signed a petition to fight Pandora's policy on royalties.

Pink Floyd, Robert Plant, Brian Wilson and many other notable acts are among the 100-plus to sign an official petition against the streaming radio company’s position on digital royalties.

The letter comes after the company confirmed their siding with the Internet Radio Fairness Act. The act would even royalty levels that radio stations have to play. As of now, according to Pandora, the company pays nearly 50 percent of performance revenues in the form of royalties, while Sirius XM stations paid something close to 10 percent, and FM/AM stations play nothing.

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden supports the bill, saying, "For much of the last half century, the music business has essentially been a vertically-integrated industry managed by a few big record companies. These are the companies -- these record companies -- who in my view are using uncompetitive practices to crowd out the competition on radio and TV and record stores and elsewhere."

However, five years ago, Pandora pushed for a similar law - the Webcaster Settlement Act - to cut artist royalties, which passed. Since that time the company has used lobbying to further pursue its financial goals. In total, the Internet Radio Fairness Act would end up cutting roughly 85 percent of royalties to musicians, across various platforms.

To add to the frustration of those artists, Pandora recorded record profits this year. The House Judiciary Committee will be looking at the bill at the end of the month.