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"Make me a partner with the wind, let me see things as they stand, guide me on the trails ahead that stretches towards the great divide." - Roy Rogers - The Cowboy's Prayer.

When Jordan Lee, the only constant figure behind the orchestral folk outfit, released his debut album Love's Crushing Diamond under the moniker Mutual Benefit late last year it attracted a staggering critical reception. The record went on to become the first ever Bandcamp only release to be named Pitchfork's 'best new music' and they were named by Stereogum as their 'band to watch'; prompting Other Music Recordings to put out the 7-track on their label earlier this year.

While it may have been Love's Crushing Diamond which grabbed widespread attention, it was its predecessor, The Cowboy's Prayer EP, which laid the foundations for the band; introducing the world to their signature soundscapes of glitchy, ambient folk-tronica.

Based loosely on a road trip across America which followed the wake of Hurricane Irene, The Cowboy's Prayer documents Lee's reaction to the loss and displacement that he witnessed across the country. Upon returning home his struggle to process the troubling imagery of his trip began to subside by the strangest of means - in watching 'a sappy Roy Roger's clip where he recites "The Cowboy's Prayer'". This went on to form a personal mantra for Lee's; affecting the making of the record and giving him the courage to live nomadically.

This courage and escapism are rife throughout The Cowboy's Prayer, from the dreamy ambience of 'Auburn's' opening passage, to the triumphant lo-fi Antlers-esque indie of the EP's title track. It's a mesmerising and sprawling record; briefly gaining consciousness on the glorious finger-picked Americana of 'Epitaphs' before layers of stifling bass and reverberating synths once more wash over the listener, carrying them once more away from lucidity. When taken individually each of The Cowboy's Prayer's free-formed pieces makes little sense; however, when aligned correctly, it stands aloft as a truly compelling and ambitious collection of stories.

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