A couple of months ago Jordan Lee announced the new Mutual Benefit album Thunder Follows The Light, which will come out September 21st through Transgressive. The couplet of songs he shared then offered different perspectives on his songwriting development, and the two new ones he has put out this week, 'Come To Pass' and 'Shedding Skin', take it right back to basics - but prove that he has a naturally beautiful ability.

Lee lets us in on their creation, saying: “These songs came about at the same time on a busted 5 string guitar when I shut off my phone and declared my bedroom a makeshift 'artist residency' for a week. I had just returned from a tour that did a lot of meandering around the Appalachian Mountain region right as the 'Make America Great Again' signs started popping up more and more.

Deep in this self-imposed 'artist residency', Lee looked for beauty in life that might not seem obvious at such troubling times. The resulting songs are delicate but delightful acoustic folk songs. Before checking them out, Lee has given us a brief idea of the inspiration for each:

“"Come to Pass" is a refutation of the idea that there was ever a golden age to return back to. Both personally and politically I’m afraid of this sort of constructed nostalgia that keeps us looking backwards instead of a having a powerful enough imagination to see the hard truths of the present but work towards a better future.

“With “Shedding Skin”, I kept thinking about a town where I saw hundreds of these translucent cicada bodies from where they had clung to a tree, hardened, and then burst out of their own shell. This ghostly sight made me pay more attention to how things naturally regenerate, how loss is part of the fuel of growth. It became a powerful reminder that things shouldn’t stay the same, including parts of ourselves.”

Mutual Benefit will be heading to the UK to play these dates:

22 Oct – Belfast, Empire Music Hall
23 Oct - Cork, Cyprus Avenue
24 Oct – Dublin, Whelan's
26 Oct - Glasgow, The Great Eastern
27 Oct – Newcastle, The Cluny
28 Oct - Bristol, The Exchange
30 Oct – London, Oslo
31 Oct – Manchester, Now Wave Venue
01 Nov – Birmingham, Hare & Hounds
03 Nov – Aberfeldy, Town Hall (Aberfeldy Festival)
04 Nov - Leeds, Brudenell Social Club