Somewhat snugly occupying the void between the sugary synth rush of AlunaGeorge and the blissful instrumentals of Mount Kimbie, lies Brooklyn duo MY BODY. It's an interesting, intricate territory to inhabit, but you wouldn't know it. "We started MY BODY when we started collaborating on songs together," says Jordan Bagnall - the woman responsible for providing the duo's distinctive, woozy vocal, recalls - "and, somehow, they worked."

Despite the infusion of often complex, chopped and screwed beats, this sobering declaration sums up the duo quite appropriately; for all their bluster, MY BODY, crucially, craft bloody stonking pop songs.

"Darren and I met in 2006 when our bands played a show together," Bagnall explains. "The show was at the Satyricon in Portland, and I like that we met there because it's allegedly where Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love met." After parting ways with their respective bands (Jordan's Typhoon, with whom she championed the accordion and viola, are still releasing fresh material), MY BODY were birthed, initially as a four-piece, and they busied themselves with support slots for the likes of How To Dress Well and The 405 darlings Pure Bathing Culture.

A change of approach, however, a reinvigoration, was required. Slimming down to the duo's current lineup of Bagnall and Darren Bridenbeck, they took the daunting decision to relocate to Brooklyn, NY, with Jordan expressing her bewilderment at their studio being a stone's throw away from where Jay Z grew up. Luckily, it's a risk that appears to be paying dividends.

"I think our sound has become less organic sounding and more busy and complex since we moved from Oregon," Jordan admits, and on the strength of new track, 'Make It Good', we'd tend to agree. Bridenbeck unleashes a flurry of stuttering beats, reminiscent of many a great Portishead song, before ushering in a chorus of synchronised bleeps and whirrs, almost at odds with the honey-like vocals of Bagnall, to, subtly at first, construct one of the warmest soundscapes that we've heard all year. "We are proud of that track, for sure," Bagnall affirms. It's a stunning piece of pop and, flanked by that Frank Ocean cover (the epic 'Pyramids', no less) and earlier release of 'New Cat', MY BODY are already assembling an impressive canon of material.

I was understandably curious to hear who and what they were influenced by. "Darren and I definitely have some different tastes," Jordan admits. "I think on a good day we're somewhere between Secret Mommy and Beyonce," before adding, "when the two aren't choking each other to death."

It's no surprise, then, that the pair are hurriedly readying their debut EP for release. "We have all the songs written and recorded for a six track EP, and we're working with our good friend and mixing/mastering genius, Chris Botta, to help us get them ready. Our production is always very, very busy, with a million tracks and noises and effects, Chris does an amazing job of cleaning all that up so it sounds clearer and more organised."

We don't know about you, but that EP can't come soon enough.