Lil B upset Twitter last night when he tweeted a joke at the expense of the transgendered community, provoking a number of reactions, including "this is really disrespectful and hurtful to trans people", "i luv u based god but this is disrespectful :(", "no thats transphobic and makes a mockery of the trans struggle dont do that wtf" and "we're all humans"; one in particular summed up the surprising situation in which the Based God suddenly found himself: "lil b it ain't like you to be so disrespectful". It ain't like Lil B to be making jokes like:

It isn't, is it? He's usually very open-minded and full of inspirational tidbits. So after a number of replies and mentions and discussion, Lil B apologised:

He then went on to call himself transphobic, as well as saying that he needed to learn (probably what everybody needs to do with issues like these, to be honest), in a flurry of tweets that followed: