Musician, performance artist, activist and journalist Mykki Blanco has just launched his own label: Dogfood Music Group. An imprint of Berlin-based !K7, the label – launched by Blanco and friends – aims to, amongst other things, "give voices to the underground artists that inspire their communities."

Its first order of business? Releasing a compilation entitled C-ORE (how do you pronounce that? Like Eeyore?), which combines the musical talents of three artists: composer and multi-instrumentalist Rahel Ali aka Yves Tumor, Brooklyn-based artist Devin Kyle Cuthbertson aka PsychoEgyptian and American electronic music project, Violence.

Issuing a statement alongside this announcement, Mykki himself said:

"We are a group of friends who have created a release that represents a slice of what we're into, our culture and what we want to show the world. People all over the world are only fed this singular image of "African American Music" and we want to disrupt that. We all come from backgrounds outside of the black American norm, and the world deserves to see our culture as much as anything else."

The C-ORE compilation is out 18th September digitally as well as on CD and LP.