Label: Unsigned Release Date: Out Now Link: I realise the year has only just started but In my opinion if Ordinary Suffering doesn't make my end of year list for 2009 then god damnit, 2009 must have been quite the year; and I promise you that there's not even the slightest hint of hyperbole in that opening statement. The artist in question is Kansas city native, Myles Turney. Billed as an Indie/blues acoustic singer- songwriter, Turney has written a five track mastepiece of an EP and did I mention, it was recorded/mixed all in the space of 24 hours? The thing I admire the most about this EP is the way Turney's songs all form around a rather bluesy backbone whilst still demonstrating an affinity to the delicate nature of folk music. Add that to his rather addictive voice and down right witty lyrics, "If you say the the earth is heating up/They'll say thats just part of gods plan/and if you looked deep inside your heart you'd know god just wants us to have a tan" I've often expressed my love for acoustic singer-songwriters on this site but I always feel a bit woozy when I open a promo package and the press release describes the artist as one of those types; I've heard so many abominable acts in that genre recently that I'm just a bit jaded by it all but thankfully my faith has been restored and thats all down Mr Turney. From the opening 10 seconds of 'Lose Your Head' to the dying embers of 'My Mother Son', I was completely hooked. Rating: 9/10