Northern Californian soul duo Myron & E, backed by the Timmion Records in-house band, The Soul Investigators, give us a slice of retrograde soul 'n' funk action with a new track taken from their forthcoming album on Peanut Butter Wolf's legendary Stones Throw Records - a neat, logical fit despite the fact the label is most famous for sampling classic sounding tunes such as this rather than putting them out.

Having collaborated with the Timmion band on a slew of 45s already, the duo, whose sound positively radiates the classic soul vibes of the 60s and 70s, have already garnered a large following both at home and abroad – and it is extremely easy to see why as well.

Utilising the classic funk/soul set up of guitars, horns, electric bass, classic break beat rhythms and unbelievable vocal ranges and harmonies, the group, who all play virtuously, and the record itself, really sound like a previously pressed, but somehow forgotten gem. A nugget of gold that has been dug out of one of Stones Throw rosters' dusty record crates, having been picked up in a thrift store in Los Angeles at an unknown point between 1969 and now.

Let me just add, that that comparison is not a dig in any sense of the word, as Myron himself attests, on the Stones Throw website, "We maintain a relationship with classic soul…To me, that was the greatest music that ever existed. There were hundreds of groups back then that were never discovered, but are phenomenal. We're trying to keep the spirit of that alive." If they keep making tunes like this then that spirit is most definitely still alive.

The record oozes authenticity both in its performances and the way they have been captured – it is the sound of highly sort after vintage compressors, valve powered desks and amps, as well as silky smooth, chocolatey ribbon condenser mics – It's a brilliant, inspiring piece of retrospective music that is sure to find favour with both the new breed of soul cats, as well as the people who were around when funk and soul were the most vital, exciting and emotive forms of music the world had to offer. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.