An article highlighting the fact that MySpace lost money this year may not be hugely surprising to the majority of people out there, but the sights MySpace has set its eyes on now may be more than a little interesting, as they look to release a new music subscription service.

MySpace lost a reported 40 million dollars this past year, this amid recent acquisitions (where the company was bought for 35 million dollars, 5 million less than it lost this year) and many high profile investments, including Justin Timberlake (the guy who was in that Facebook film, you know the one).

Oddly enough, it seems that music may be a promising way forward for MySpace, a company troubled by other blossoming social networks in the last few years. Where many individuals were quick to leave MySpace and relocate their photos of cats, meals, drinks, books, old looking things, and each other to not-to-distant shores, many musicians stayed on owing to the ease at which music could be shared and distributed. Let's not forget that it was even as late as 2008 when Guns N' Roses had their comeback album exclusively streamed in full on MySpace.

So music is in MySpace's veins, and although we have very little to go on so far, it will no doubt be an interesting few months as we see news about their music subscription program trickle through, which we are being promised will be released some time in 2013.