At this point, I'm in a full-on love/hate relationship with The Code. On the positive side, both of their slick, polished and perfected mixtapes - 2014's 1/11 and this year's Blue Electronica - have been outstanding. But for more selfish reasons, they're still in my bad books; Blue Electronica highlight 'Time' is merely latched onto a previous track and not given the appropriate shine it deserves. So when I heard the artist-producer duo had released a set of previously unreleased bonus tracks, which are available on the deluxe CD edition of Blue Electronica, I had hoped to find a singular version of 'Time'. Alas, it wasn't there. But what I did find is two additional tracks, 'Overload' and 'Fear', that fit in accordingly with the remainder of the mixtape (which is still available on all good digital platforms). If you're looking for the deluxe CD, you'll have to pop over to their official website to get your order in.