After making an intriguing entrance with their debut single ‘bj.sadsong’, elusive ensemble TEME return with the equally immersive ‘HELL’S MOUTH’. A track that is as epic as its namesake, the band continue to demonstrate their ability to create entire cinematic experiences within a short four minute run length. The two vocalists combine effortlessly and distortion merges them into one and other in an ever-changing soundscape. Supported by over-arching guitar solos, recorded film dialogue and brooding percussion, ‘HELL’S MOUTH’ is uncertain and exhilarating all at once.

'HELL'S MOUTH' was written during the quietest moments of introspection, trying to understand vital moments which took place within a turbulent relationship. Located near the village of Rhiw, North Wales, the bay of Hell's Mouth provides a suitable backdrop to a period spent living on the edge of a mountain, where the intensity of a time shut away together, and the surroundings, aligned as one.

The outcome has a confessional, autobiographical songwriting with the epic adaptation of Bon Iver. In a digital age where every new artist is vying online to be seen, TEME’s mysterious, hushed approach to releases is fascinating.