Square Enix has revealed that the mysterious based countdown is in fact for an iOS based game, but not a port.

The game is called Final Fantasy: All the Bravest and will focus heavily on the active time battle system. The player will be able to tap rapidly or drag the characters they want to attack until the “Fever” mode is reached (only available every 3 hours during gameplay). once this happens, all available characters will attack instantly.

The game boasts a party of up to 40 characters at one time and there are twenty more unlockable characters. However the unfortunate nature of the game hits hardest when you realise the amount of freemium content involved, such as premium-only heroes like Cloud Strife for download. What makes this worse is that it's somewhat of a raffle as the download of premium heroes is randomly selects who you get when you purchase premium content.

The game itself is priced at £2.49 and can be expanded with more levels for a further £2.49.

I kind of wish the countdown was for a port now.