Here’s ‘Young Stunna,' the new music video from Auckland-based rapper, songwriter, and producer Mzwétwo (pronounced Mez-way-two), formerly known as Loui The Zu. Directed by Shae Sterling, the video features Mzwétwo and several other core characters dressed in prominent New Zealand fashion brands like Zambesi and Stolen Girlfriends Club.

Throughout a mixture of colour and black and white sequences loaded with special effects, iconography, and symbolism, Shae and Mzwétwo amplify ‘Young Stunna’s spacious, semi-gothic beat, simple-but-highly memorable chorus, sing-along bridge and snappy rap verses. At crux, it’s an exercise Post-Yeezus rap dressed in denim’n’leather hard rock aesthetics.

In Mzwétwo’s words, “I started making music under my own name because I needed to decide who I wanted to be as an artist. I needed to discover what I liked; what I didn’t like; what I wanted to achieve. I realised that I loved rap and I loved rock ‘n’ roll and that’s what Mzwétwo is about for me - bringing those two worlds together.”

‘Young Stunna’ follows on from Mzwétwo’s Gallantino II EP with Gallantino, the creative collective who have been his core working partners in recent years. “We all share this belief system that we should create things that are progressive. If others can do it, then we shouldn’t do it. But that said, we want to add value - so we’re not trying to push things so far that people can’t grasp it,” he explains.