NADINE have been catching an early buzz, for good reason. With their debut, oh my, just around the corner, they've dropped off another single, 'Pews', which continues their ambitious yet accessible vibes across a yearning track. Capturing slices of the stuffy world created growing up Catholic, it dances about with bobbing, echoing percussion, creating a catchy tune out of a nebula of emotion. No small feat.

Speaking about the genesis of the track, singer Nadia Hulett says: "There are a couple key ingredients of miscommunication and vagueness here. Chaos before integration. When I listen I see another version of myself rehashing a painful experience, externalizing the inner monologue, preparing for a talk with god, leap frogging between seemingly unconnected memories. Yet here is one of those rare cases I am not grasping to put the pieces of this vague puzzle together. And it really doesn't matter that you know what I am reliving either. What is important is that the emotion underneath my words is felt."

Listen to 'Pews' below.

NADINE's debut album oh my comes out through Memphis Industries and Father/Daughter on January 26th. Pre-order it here. Follow them on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.