Nadine Shah has released her second single 'Yes Men' from her upcoming album Holiday Destination, a reflection on the toxic paradigms which have infested our society and politics.

On the back of 'Out The Way' - itself a devastatingly visceral and impassioned documenting of the immigrant perspective - 'Yes Men' targets old white men patting each other on the back as they reintroduce abortion legislation and deport refugee children and sit comfortably in their hegemony. I'm largely exhausted by artists professing their #HotTakes on the state of the world, but Shah's clarity of execution and frontline voice cuts through the void to something burning with urgency and pathos.

Shah has commented that "any time is a relevant one to release a piece of work that deals with the subject matter that 'Yes Men' does, but this week, these upcoming days towards what could be the most important election this country has had in decades it seems so pertinent to the point that it’s violently vibrating with its own life."

"There is a war going on but it’s not the one the Yes Men will have us believe. The real war is the divisive untruths that the Yes Men push into our homes with their aim being for us to tear ourselves apart simply to protect their own top dollar arses."

Holiday Destination is out August 25th and you can listen to 'Yes Men' below.