There's something about an old venue, one designed many years ago for the sole purpose of housing entertainment on a grand scale; long before the invention of moving pictures, these stages brought us plays and live music and were designed to enhance our experience of these things, aesthetically and acoustically. The O2 Shepherds Bush Empire is such a venue: grand and ornate, full of history and tardis like in its size. Wednesday night was the first time I'd ventured higher in the building than the ground floor to watch a gig and after navigating the maze of stairwells and hallways I was able to see the various levels and balconies overlooking the stage. Sadly the headline act, The Naked and Famous, didn't quite live up to the venue on the night.

Warm up act Sons & Lovers did an upstanding job and the venue was indeed warm by the end of their short set, both physically and metaphorically. It was my first time seeing these guys live and they impressed; catchy, well written songs with fine musicianship.

I reviewed The Naked and Famous' debut album back in 2011 and despite their mix of synths and rock guitars being easy on the ear, I bemoaned their lack of identity and a few years on it's still an issue. There are all the components to make this band a great live act but they just struggle to piece it all together. Flitting between styles like a confused teenager still trying to find themselves.

There are moments when the quintet threaten some on stage chemistry but ultimately the entire set is flat and generally awkward. I don't think I've ever been to a show with so many up tempo songs and so little movement or enthusiasm from those watching.

Only towards the end of the show when they play their biggest hit 'Punching in a Dream' did the crowd come to life; from casual chit chat to euphoric celebrations in just a few opening bars - for four minutes it was like we'd been transported to a whole other show. The band seemed to feed from that too, however, the atmosphere soon fell apart on their next track.

With the band failing to live up to the stage they were performing on, this was perhaps one of the worst shows I've been to in quite some time.

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