In 2012, Matt Lowell started writing songs and putting together the thought of starting a band while living in New York. And As he looked around him at the time, many musicians were moving out to LA and one day, a friend told him that he could come out there to live with him and that he had a studio he could use. Lowell took up this opportunity and eventually moved out to LA and thus, started a chain of events that led to him meeting Cristanta and Sam, two other musicians that when all coming together formed the band, Lo Moon.

And when it comes to the band's music, it's very much indie-rock, indie-pop and when they came to Toronto for a show on April 3, we sat down with Lowell to talk about his journey from New York to LA, the formation of the band and the debut album.

So, I know you're from New York and that's where you started writing music, but I'm really interested because when you were forming these songs and forming the ideas that you wanted to start a band, you decided to move to LA, what made you move?

I thought it was probably going to be easier in LA to find musicians around the band, I mean around the music because a lot of musicians from New York were starting to move to LA and so it felt like there was a bit of an exodus going on. And I was given this unique chance, my friend called me and said he had a house that he just bought in LA and that he had a studio in the back and he would let me stay there and use it, so I just jumped at the opportunity.

And so, you arrive in LA, how were you feeling?

Immediately I got there and I started writing more and then I met Crisanta, who would be the first member from the band and I showed her the song, 'Loveless' and I had some other songs and she reacted to it really well.

And how quickly did you find Crisanta when you got to LA?

Actually, my friend had met her before I moved there, like there is this girl that is looking to be in a band and that she's a great player and so I found her right away which was lucky.

Did you and Crisanta share the same music interests?

Yeah, I mean I've said this a bunch, but like, the funny thing about it is that I kind of go on feeling and energy when it comes to musicians and it's like, being in a band is a huge commitment and I think if you're not committed to the kind of goal, you have to be really invested in the commitment that it takes to be in a band and want to be in a band and just put everything you have in it. Because you can meet the best musicians in the world, sometimes they don't have any drive or passion to do it, they just want to do the gig and leave and do the gig and leave, so Crisanta just had a passion about it.

And I know you showed her "Loveless" and other songs you had written, how was she feeling towards the music that you had?

She was just excited, she wanted to dive right in and then it really took another year to write the rest of the album, it was kind of through a process where she came in at a moment and at the time we basically put a little band together called Stranger. And we were out in LA doing shows and I kind of realized half-way through that we should just - I need to write more songs and I moved into a new phase of my writing and did that for a year and then towards the end of the that met Sam, our third member and then the record labels starting calling hearing 'Loveless'.

So how does the name of your band go from being called Stranger to Lo Moon?

So "Stranger," when we met Sam, I thought we should change the name and start over.

Was it a hard process starting over and finding a new name?

It was impossible. It was impossible, I never ever wish that upon anybody, but the name Lo Moon is named after my nephew, so the guys had the idea you should name it after your nephew because you're really close to your nephew. And I was like, ah, what can we name it and after 6 months or so of that we stuck on that, and it worked.

So, after you released 'Loveless', you went a long while just performing, doing a lot of shows, was it finally great to get out and perform?

Yeah, it felt great to get out and play and also, we learned a lot about being a band. The crazy thing about this band is that we made the record, then we went out and played it, so the first show we only released "Loveless," the album was just 85% done, so there was a lot of figuring out as we go, but the best part and the favorite part of being in the band is playing live.

Now when it comes to the album, you've been writing songs for it since 2012, how does it feel knowing the album is finally out in the world?

Well, I think it's nice to have it out because now it feels like we're a band. Because now people, can discover the entire thing, so for me personally it's been beautiful to have it out there and have people discover it.

And since you've been working on this album for so long and it’s out, have you already started working on the follow-up?

Yeah, I think it's important to start thinking about what's next, we started to write, just wrote a new song, there's a couple of songs that didn't make the album that I still believe in that I'd like to get done and an ideal world I'd like to put something new out this year.