Hot on the heels of her two stellar 2014 EPs No Gun and House Of Dreams, Barbados/Sweden pop comet Naomi Pilgrim has introduced yet another offering for her breakout catalog in the form of 'It's All Good'.

Much like her previous soul pop offerings, Pilgrim launches spectacularly straight-forward lyrics amid blisters of hazy pop fog on the track, shimmered in resounding "oohs" and a powerful chorus. Part dance-happy boasts and modernist R&B fury, 'It's All Good' plays like a contemporary Top 40 hit but with rousing confidence and sincerity; familiar but starkly new wave.

Listen to the brand new track below and look out for more work from Pilgrim soon. 'It's All Good' is due for release on 3rd November, 2014 via Cosmos Music.