Talented actress and musician, Naomi Scott has delivered a new expansive single 'Lover's Lies.' She's strong and aware on the new spectral track, directly off her forthcoming EP out this summer. From the film set to the studio, Naomi keeps things honest as she builds her sonic and visual empire. Listen and read about her creative process below.

What was the process of putting together your new single 'Lover's Lies?'

Well, unlike any of the other songs on the EP, this one was a song idea I had that we actually ended up taking apart and starting again, just using the chord progression, which was different for me because I usually write the song and the music/track together because it helps me give a song an identity. All the other songs were pretty much already fully fledged in terms of arrangements etc, when I brought them into the studio, this one however was more collaborative and the boys (Dave and Joe) were able to really put their own stamp on it (the last tribal section was their brainchild).

What inspired it?

I've seen how difficult it can be to love someone who has been hurt by someone else and teaching them how to love again is a process, it's like bringing colour back into someone's life. That determination to love someone until they heal was something I thought was worth expressing.

What creative space were you in while you were creating it?

Myself and Jordan (my husband) went to Switzerland on a well deserved break, and it was their amongst the beautiful mountains that I wrote the melody and lyrics, I think being in a different environment helped me hear the chord progression in a different way, and I was able to finish it there, so that's where the airy fairy vibe comes from, the landscape we were in was so beautiful that I think I was influenced by the whimsical beauty of nature......by the way, my life isn't always that serene!

How is the single a good representation of what we'll be hearing from you on your EP that's coming this summer?

I think in terms of vibe, this EP is definitely a story, it's a body of work, rather than a bunch of songs that were thrown together, and the mood is defiantly a more reflective one. I wanted the vocal and melodic structures to bring you into a different world. I think this has created a sound that doesn't necessarily follow trend, but reflects what was speaking to me in that space and time.

What is the worst lie you've ever told?

I don't lie. (That one).

What other projects do you have in the works?

I'm about to fly home after 4 months of shooting a movie, that will be out March next year. Once I'm home I will start working on new music right away.

What are your tricks for balancing so many projects at a time while still being able to tap into your creativity?

It's hard, I'm not gonna lie (see I told you), but I think I'm still learning how to navigate through that. I'm not the best at multi-tasking which is a good and a bad thing I guess. When I'm involved in a project, I give myself fully to it. For example before I shot the movie, the music was already finished and I have amazing people around me whom I love and trust both personally and professionally, that can help me prioritise. Having that close circle means I can fully focus on the job at hand, whether that be music, acting or just keeping the house tidy!