Update: Nari and Milani have responded to the accusation:

Hello everyone in the EDMusic production world.
Please check this file in your audio library: “VEC3 Special Sounds 94 Root D 130 BPM”. It’s outhere, available to everyone… it’s on sale… everybody can go and use it legally, as we did. We assume that several producers, more or less famous, uses music elements from ‪#‎venegeance‬. Just simple as that. Perhaps being upset with us was not the case, but to the ones that normally make money with those Library. End of the day, music goes around and we can’t blame ourselves at all but choosing a certain sound that we liked. Funny enough, we went for a sound that a nowadays boy could just feel different from whatever else… as he is not aware about a 15+ years old tune. So, we are sorry about all the words out on “Triangle”, but we weren’t first to use that sound actually, as many others did > http://www.beatport.com/track/the-funk-original-mix/4031811and we are pretty sure will still do in the future. Long Life to Music ! N&M

Original Story

On one hand: sampling and ripping off is basically how the world turns when it comes to music. Though I don't have the time to gather evidence for you like some little word-squirrel, I can guarantee that many a bassline and many a hook have been borrowed throughout the years that "modern" music has existed.

However – it's usually only one section of a song. Not the whole song. And in this instance, a little track called 'Triangle' by Nari & Milani has riled up a lot of people because it basically sounds like a shit version of 'Flat Beat' by Mr. Oizo. Why does it sound like a shit version? Because they have, with a few weak embellishments, basically just badly copied the whole song – the beat and its accents, the wobbly bass, even tinny samples in the background: everything – and packaged it as their own.

It's not labelled as a cover, nor does it say where the samples are from, but I think that was the point. They wanted people to "get" the reference. However, I think what we see here is people loving Mr. Oizo's track so much (people saying it's a "classic" etc.) that they don't want to see any second rate copies of it. Which is probably fair enough. And Oizo himself is not very happy.

Listen to it below (don't worry, the REAL 'Flat Beat' is below that).