In what is personally, my most anticipated LP of 2012, hip-hop legend Nas has revealed a teaser video revealing the album cover of his upcoming LP Life Is Good which might be one of the better symbolic LP covers of recent times.

The minute and a half teaser video shows some of the rapper's recent and not so recent troubles including the real kicker, the story behind the album's cover art, which shows him wearing a suit and sitting down while holding a green dress.

It's revealed that the green dress was the only thing his ex-wife Kelis left after their divorce, and it was her wedding dress. So what do you do after something like that, you create a classic album, that's what..

Anyways, you can view the teaser trailer for the album above and trust me, it's rather interesting. Life Is Good will be released on July 17th via Def Jam and I can't wait for it.