Nashville-based producer Jon Santana has shared with us a new track, 'Time Again', also his first single, taken from his forthcoming debut slated for release later on this autumn. It's an instrumental journey through different elements, like buzzing staccato synth, vocal samples, luscious percussion, rich piano and skirling leads, a four-to-the-floor beat driving its combined delicacy and light abrasiveness forwards: a collage of sounds.

"As a producer i like to make around 2-3 tracks a week in order to keep my library full for potential artists," Santana tells The 405 over email. "'Time Again' was a track I had started a year ago but it felt a little more unique than some of my other tracks so I decided to keep it for myself. It originally started with the piano intro bit but months later I became obsessed with vocal chops so I wanted to try some on my own. I’m a huge fan of dance music but like to keep the emotional side intact, which is what I wanted to convey with this track."

Listen below.