Hailing from Nashville, still one of the strongest bastions of music in the world, Coco Reilly appears to be one of the most promising products to emerge from that city's music scene in sometime, and that's really saying something. Her debut single, 'Define You,' Reilly leaves the listener yearning for more.

'Define You' is defined by its warmth, and Reilly's emotive vocal performance. But the kaleidoscope of psychedelic guitars turns the song from a traditional ballad into something richer, fuller, and far more compelling. With heartfelt lyrics, a gorgeous melody, and a touch of country twang, Reilly succeeds in leaving an immediate mark on the listener. If first impressions are as important as everyone says, Coco Reilly could not have made a better one.

Stream Coco Reilly's 'Define You' below, and be sure to keep your eyes out for more from her in the not-so-distant future.