Fluorescent Half Dome might first ring a bell as the closing track of Dirty Projectors' modern classic Bitte Orca, but it's also the moniker for Nashville artist Krista Glover, who puts ample heart and sounds into her vibrant dream pop.

Summer Blessing - Fluorescent Half Dome from Krista Glover on Vimeo.

On 'Summer Blessing,' Glover offers bouncing rhythms and shimmering textures that get your attention, while her reverb-glazed vocals and mournful pronouncements ("Blessed be the ones who successfully pretend everything that’s ever bothered them never existed") keep you hooked. Best of all, in the video, directed by Glover and shot and edited by live collaborator Kate Neff, she's joined by some supportive and talented puppets. Look out, Dr. Teeth.

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