The matrimony of repetition and electronic music is far from new and with his latest offering, Nathan Fake pays homage to what can often be a tedious pairing. In this bedroom-produced and highly congested genre, the critical element lies in being able to locate the point whereby the music is rousing yet constant and this is something that the Norwich-native has finely tweaked over his sporadic career.

Iceni Strings, which is actually a single and two B-sides in disguise, showcases what many are marking as some of his best material yet and rightfully so. Title track and opener 'Iceni Strings', which comes straight off his newest LP, oozes early Detroit techno and is merged with an appropriate dose of Fake's trademark effervescent synths to create a bouncing track shrouded in Doctor Who-esque mystery.

The tracks that follow are somewhat darker and angle more towards Fake's abiding romance with techno in its European form. 'Sense Head' utilises pounding bass lines and swirling pads that point to his earlier 'Outhouse' days, whilst 'Bauxite Dreams' contains a broad spectrum of slightly sinister sonic swirls, resulting in a more subtle and minimal approach.

With this coming year marking Nathan Fake's tenth within the British electronic music scene, Iceni Strings comes as an assured intimation that the Norfolk producer's best days are still yet to come.