From Charlotte, North Carolina, comes rapper and producer extraordinaire, NatStar. In his latest jam 'Flu Season' you can hear his confident and easy flow, sweeping up life into one big type of flu season and proclaiming himself "the doc" - offering up his outlook that forgoes negativity and puts things down to inevitability and luck: "Cause even when the grass is cut snakes go in they hole / Life's a bitch they say – I say life's a trick in the hole."

The production is addictive, with sounds that seem ring out as triumph over hardships; flanging guitar and bass play life's loop, vocal samples rising up every now and again to a crescendo in the beat and dreamy trickling chimes. These are flawless sounds mixed with his wordplay-laden, effortless delivery – you're left kind of in awe, and wondering why NatStar isn't bigger than he already is.

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