Neal Anand approaches music in a very interesting way. The New York-based artist has created his own record label, Pineal Labs, which is dedicated to enhancing pineal gland activity through music. The goal is music that can faciliate peaceful sleep and relaxation. "I hope I can help listeners heal and relax," Anand says.

Based on his new single 'She,' it may be safe to say that Anand has succeeded.

Over three blissful minutes, 'She' delicately guides the listener toward a more relaxed and content headspace using shimmering soundscapes built from beautiful synths and gentle piano. Much of the best ambient music has a hypnagogic effect, encouraging the listener to place of reflection and relaxation. Anand has proven himself more than capable of achieving this, as 'She' ease the mind and body in a way that few other songs can.

Anand's hypnotic new EP, Akasha, is due out on May 22 through Pineal Labs. In the meantime, you can check out a gorgeous visualizer for 'She' up above or stream the song through Soundcloud below.