Although there was some buzzing around the Octagon centre in the University of Sheffield, the atmosphere in the inside of the place was a little more sombre. Barely a few people (maybe 30?) were waiting for the first of three acts that night. And that act, was Nedry. It's a hard act to review, not because of how they played, but because of what they play. Is it dub/triphop/shoegaze/randomtag or what? It's just their style and that's fine. The best thing about Nedry's live sound is how they manage to pull off everything you would find on their record. Ayu Okakita's voice is sampled, distorted and layered. Matt Parker and Chris Amblin play around with their keyboards, triggers and just continue playing one another, intertwining their sounds, weaving a fresh atmosphere. It was almost soothing. But then came this moment (80% sure it was 'Squid Cat Battle') where miss Ayu Okakita wailed, slowly taking away the microphone from her and just letting the voice resonate. I could swear the Octagon shifted a few centimetres. Just chilling and a reminder of the powerful voice she's carrying around. Their set was closed with a spot on rendition of 'A42' and it's great to see the band nailing their live sound. Wouldn't mind catching them again.