03 Greedo is among the most hyped artists on the the planet at the moment, and almost certainly the unluckiest, as well. Headed to jail for possibly so long as 20 years, he still has of the loudest voices in gangsta rap among his generation.

Right on the heels of his massive God Level, and just following the beginning of his sentence, we've received his collaborative effort with Nef the Pharaoh, Porter 2 Grape.

Both are forward-thinking, attention-grabbing musical thinkers, and while much of the tape is satisfied to further cement 03's status while increasing Nef's even further, they finally, truly let their guards down on EP closer 'Feeling You'.

Both men open up - often harshly and bitterly - about the both the women and cluster of hanger-on's in their lives. They do so over a luscious, throwback sounscape, your ears with both recognize it at once, and you'll still ponder that you've heard nothing like it. The beat takes the older among us to an era gone by, while blasting towards an uncertain, enthralling future. 'Feeling You' sounds as if our captains aren't even sure where they're taking us. Excited as we are, they know this is gonna be good. It's just too bad Greedo's going to miss the party he helped bring to life.

Check out Porter 2 Grape in full, including 'Feeling You', below.