Nef the Pharaoh is unstoppable. The latest great hope for the Bay Area, having bubbled on a national level for the past couple years, the young California rapper has truly come into his own in 2018.

Dropping not only his own album, the breezy The Big Chang Theory, Nef also linked up with the ultra-hyped 03 Greedo for a collaborative EP (which is excellent, by the by.).

Clearly excelling in like-minded company, Nef has already linked up for another duo onslaught. Shootergang Kony is the latest to join our leading man, with the two mind-melding into a seamless effort. Kony, already a cult figure in his neck of the woods at 19, also hails from California, so their synergy is a natural, vibe-setting fit.

Nef explains for The 405, "Vice Versa is like the new age Best of Both Worlds Jay-Z & R. Kelly album even tho we’re both rappers, you get a taste of two pure raw ass styles , & we ain’t cappin in our raps." Thank Nef's son for the pairing: he first heard Kony's words coming from his child's mouth as he rapped along enthusiastically, and reached out to collaborate not long after.

We're excited to premiere the title track from the effort, but they're in no particular hurry here. Rather than a slamming gangsta cut, the vibe here is almost silky.

Also coming through for the jubilant affair are Sage the Gemini and Raymond McMahon, and they're all here to remind you: "Your bitch is cool, my bitch is better." Blast this one in the whip with the windows down, it just might keep that increasingly chilly air at bay. Stay tuned for Vice Versa dropping in full soon.