With her highly anticipated sophomore album Body Work out on August 12th, we decided to quiz Lindsey French, aka Negative Gemini, about her the new LP, as well as inspiration, creation, love, and all those things that go together with the making of excellent music.

On her forthcoming album

The album is called Body Work, it's a mixture of music ranging from very clubby house tracks to more intimate and personal songs. The sound and feel of the album was heavily influenced by all of the underground clubs and raves that I have been to in New York since moving there two years ago. It's coming to vinyl and CD August 12 on 100% Electronica. The pre-order for the 12' vinyl just began. We have only pressed 300 copies.

On her inspirations

I find it most in other artists that I admire and listen to. Some inspiration is like that, thinking about sounds or ways of singing or writing a song that I like in other artists' work. Things happen to me in life that I can tell a story about or create a message from. Other inspiration is just random. Random melodies will pop into my head sometimes. Sometimes I'll be sleeping or too busy to pay it any mind. But when I can capture it, it often makes itself into a song strangely effortlessly.

Her plans if she only had one year left to live

Very interesting question, and sad. I would probably spend a lot of time with my family, try to make it to Italy or Japan or some place beautiful that I've never been and have always wanted to go. I wouldn't tell anyone, and I'd release all my unreleased music.

Her feelings on love

I think love is a presence, an energy. You can give love to anything or anyone and it can change the world. Life is nothing without it. It's the enemy of evil. The world needs more love badly.

On her most challenging work

Probably the songs of mine that are the most favorite. They're the ones that usually go through many phases before they're right. But it's worth all of the time. When I take something that might be done or "good enough" and then push it farther.

On the talents she thinks people overlook

I actually began music by playing guitar, but nobody knows that I guess because I haven't incorporated it much into Negative Gemini. But I think it would be awesome to play a song on guitar for my live set. I can also balance on an aluminum can for about five seconds at a time.