Back in 1976, Neil Young recorded an album which somehow never saw the light of day. Until now, apparently. Hitchhiker is Young's long-lost LP which is reportedly out this summer via Reprise -- at least according to a fan who found a listing on Diverse Vinyl stating that the album would be available on July 14th.

The album was recorded at Malibu's Indigo Ranch Studios, where Young laid down nine solo acoustic songs: "It was a complete piece, although I was pretty stony on it, and you can hear it in my performances," he says of the recording process on his 2014 memoir Special Deluxe. "Dean Stockwell, my friend and a great actor who I later worked on Human Highway as a co-director, was with us that night, sitting in the room with me as I laid down all the songs in a row, pausing only for weed, beer, or coke. Briggs was in the control room, mixing live on his favorite console.

The tracklisting is as follows:

01. 'Powderfinger'
02. 'Hold Back The Tears'
03. Human Highway'
04. 'Hitchhiker'
05. 'Ride My Llama'
06. 'Lookout For My Love'
07. 'Lotta Love'
08. 'Fontainebleau'
09. 'Campaigner'