It's pretty commonplace for artists to complain about gig-goers filming or taking pictures with their phones throughout their performances. One snap? That's cool. Spending the whole concert behind your screen, making a big space around you to avoid a shaky picture on your instantly-uploaded YouTube vid? Not so much.

Neko Case joined the ranks of Karen O and Beyoncé this week at her Cincinnati show where she gave a "hostile reaction" to folks recording her with their mobiles.

According to reports from the front line, the singer-songwriter "stopped the show and asked everyone to stop taking photos with their phones because the flashes were bothering her."

"A woman came down the aisle towards the stage and took a photo before immediately being escorted out by security… the singer was apologetic to the non-heckling/non-photo-taking fans throughout the show." [via CityBeat]

What do you reckon to gig-going film directors? Does it spoil the show? Or are they doing us all a favour by sharing live music with the world? Have you been told by an iPad-waving imbecile that you need to stop jostling them because it's making their footage go wobbly? Let us know. Let it all out. We're all friends here.