It has been a few years since the world has heard from Nemes, the Massachusetts-based four-piece known for their raw, anthemic performances. Battles with mental illness and substance abuse pushed the band from the spotlight. But now the group is reemerging, plotting the release of a new LP early next year and dropping a new single, '60 Days,' the band's biggest, boldest and best song to date.

Produced by Mike Sapone, a frequent collaborator of Brand New, '60 Days' seems to carry the emotional weight of the world. Beginning with a stirring string arrangement, '60 Days' is initially tender and vulnerable. Guitarist/vocalist Dave Anthony sounds full of hurt, pain and love.

But the song continues to build and build, adding layer on top of layer. By the end, '60 Days' is a stunning amalgamation of strings, horns, vocal harmonies, guitars and pulsing, pounding percussion. The whole track is like a breath of air straight into your lungs. "This is everything we ever wanted Nemes to be and more," says Anthony.

You can stream '60 Days' up above, and fans can expect a new record from Nemes early in 2019. If '60 Days' is anything to go by, it will be a must-listen.