It's been announced that Alan Palomo aka Neon Indian is returning to our eyes and ears with a third album. Titled VEGA INTL. Night School, and complete with a relevantly throwback, vaporwave-esque aesthetic on its album cover, which is also decorated with Japanese script (which mostly just says "Neon Indian" and the album title), it's scheduled for release on 16th October via Mom+ Pop / Transgressive. Back in May, however, he did share a track called 'Annie' which does feature on the album – check the tracklist below.

First single 'Slumlord' (abstract artwork for it above) is a shuffling wonder of plinking melodies, phasing synths, groovesome bass fragments, and the sort of layered harmonies we've come to expect in the vocal department. It conjures the vista of a nocturnal disco landscape, real or imagined, but is nevertheless a transportive morsel of body-moving music.

Speaking about idea behind the predominantly quite night-themed album, Palomo said: "Most of what I've learned about human nature in my twenties has happened after dark. People are just kind of more honest then. More deliberate. I like to call the places I go to Night Schools."

You can also go to (the revamped Neon Indian site) where it lists a hotline number: +1-512-643-VEGA. Call for a "special voice greeting," information about the album, as well as to hear snippets from 'Slumlord'.


  • VEGA INTL. Night School tracklist:
  • 1. Hit Parade
  • 2. Annie
  • 3. Street Level
  • 4. Smut!
  • 5. Bozo
  • 6. The Glitzy Hive
  • 7. Dear Skorpio Magazine
  • 8. Slumlord
  • 9. Slumlord’s Re-Lease
  • 10. Techno Clique
  • 11. Baby’s Eyes
  • 12. C’est La Vie (say the casualties!)
  • 13. 61 Cygni ave
  • 14. News From the Sun (live bootleg)