What completes you? It may be music, hence your interest in this article, or it may be any number of other infinite possibilities. Perhaps it would be easier to think of how you feel incomplete, and work your way backward to figure it out. When we self-reflect, our internal biases may root against us, and so the journey to find our purpose can be grueling. Miami-based producer Neon Prayers went on such a trip and came out the other side with his new single, ‘Incomplete’, pulled from his forthcoming Glass EP. Listen to the song exclusively below.

What begins as a piano-backed ballad morphs into a droning electronic number, maintaining its dramatic flair. At two-and-a-half minutes in, cogs begin whirring with kinetic energy, losing speed every measure to entropy. It is a chrome ride, dwelling on feelings that can launch a downward spiral of thoughts. Eventually, the spinning slows for good and we are carried to the outro, which provides no extra comfort. As he revealed, Neon Prayers created this song as a kind of reckoning with himself; read his quote about the track:

"I was stuck in a cycle of constant negativity in my own head. I had to question which aspects of my mentality were worth keeping and what I had to change. This self scrutiny and reflection pushed me to write ‘Incomplete’."

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