Beatnick Dee and Allen Poe return with an animated lyric video for the second single from their fantastic collaborative EP Composure. ‘Never Gonna Feel’ continues the theme of self-awareness. With first single ‘Free My Mind’ Allen Poe sought to relieve his mind from social chaos, ‘Never Gonna Feel’ sees the Kentucky rapper reflecting on being disheartened and passive; guest verses from Deacon The Villain (member of CunninLynguists) & Versailles The Everything continue the motif.

The duo explain, “‘Never Gonna Feel’ is more than self-awareness of being at a low point; it's really about the apathy that creeps in after time when we choose to make that low point the new normal. It’s the only sample free track on the EP and the sound was built around the lows of a live bass melody. Poe carried the idea of ‘being low’ further through his story-telling and by bringing in Deacon The Villain and Versailles The Everything… with each artist grappling with their personal demons.”

Composure is available on cassette and as a digital download now via Below System Records.