Losing your keys isn't like how it is in the adverts. You don't drop them down a drain or lose them in a taxi. You just get home from a long day at work, where you've been sat in front of a draining screen all day, and they're just… gone.

KeyMe, a new New York-based service, aims to make that sinking feeling of scrambling in your bag (or your pockets, or wherever you keep your keys) a little less daunting. It means not dealing with a dodgy-looking locksmith who really shouldn't be able to break into your flat that easily, or telling your overcharging nosey landlord. They stores your keys in the cloud, and replacements are available via a kiosk at any time. 24/7.

It's free to store digital copies of your keys, and getting a key printed costs $20. Novelty keys like bottle openers cost extra, of course. KeyMe claim very little of your personal information is stored with them, such as your address, and accounts can only be accessed with a fingerprint scanner. How futuristic. KeyMe will also send you an email to let you know there's been account activity, whether it's been yours or not.

There's currently two kiosks featuring a creepy old man cartoon based in Manhattan, with three more on the way. No word yet on when they plan to expand, but it would be nice to see this idea cross over to our side of the ocean.